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My journey to being a massage therapist happened over 10 years ago when I received my first professional massage.  I realized what a gift she had just given me through the touch of her hands. That was a gift I wanted to be able to give to others with my own hands.

In 2012, I graduated from Indiana Therapeutic Massage School in Indianapolis, IN.  While doing clinicals in massage school, I actually worked 12 hours a week as a student therapist for the chiropractic office where I received my first massage!  Over the years as a massage therapist, I’ve been given numerous nicknames by my clients.  The top three are: “Magic Hands” Lynn, “The Muscle Whisper” and “The Headache Meister”.

I listen to my clients and my intuition, so that I’m able to help alleviate their pain, increase their range of motion, and give them back quality of life that oftentimes is missing.  I’ve been extremely successful with helping clients with TMJ, migraine relief, frozen shoulder, plantar fasciitis issues and much more. Let me help you to be your best!

If you are ready to navigate to wellness, then book today and let me illuminate your way there!